Perspective Shift: Eric Cheng presents 276 Animated GIFs created with Desktop Tools Beta for Developers

Perspective Shift: Eric Cheng presents 149 Animated GIFs created with Desktop Tools Beta for Developers (picture: Eric Cheng) The new Lytro iPhone App, released just a few hours ago, allows users to export animated GIFs from their Living Pictures.
To celebrate the occasion, Lytro’s Director of Photography Eric Cheng just posted a total of 276 animated GIFs that demonstrate the Perspective Shift effect of Living Pictures.
According to his post, he created these “in bulk”, using the first beta version of Lytro’s new Desktop Tools, a special toolset for developers to do advanced work with Living Pictures.

The new Lytro iOS app ( can generate animated Perspective-Shift or Refocus animated GIFs, but these particular pictures were generated using a beta version of the Lytro Light Field Desktop Tools, which are currently being tested in a private beta.

If you are interested in joining the beta, which allows both the arbitrary rendering of 2D frames from a given light field picture, and the editing of Living Pictures for sharing on the web, please fill out the following questionnaire:

Be sure to answer “Yes” to “Are you a software developer or familiar with scripting?” and “Yes” to “Would you be interested in testing out Lytro developer tools?”.

Be sure to check out Eric’s stunning pictures, this time in Ani-GIF form, on Google+:

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