Preparations for International Shipping: Lytro looking for Logistics Planner

Preparations for International Shipping: Lytro looking for Logistics Planner In the United States, Lytro’s LightField Camera has started shipping in late February. While there are some options to order a Lytro camera from abroad, they’re a bit complicated and more expensive.

Asked about international orders, Lytro’s customer support can’t provide a lot of information:

Q: Is there any date when you’re gonna be able to send Lytro to Europe? Just some info like Q4 2012 or Q1 2013 would be nice, I don’t need some specific date, but I really want your product! ;)

A: We are working toward expanding distribution and will share more details when we can.

A new, open job position at Lytro shows that the company is preparing for internatoinal orders and shipping:

The Logistics planner supports Lytro’s business in the areas of shipping, scheduling, freight management, inventory management, customer-facing documentation, and other customer-facing operations functions. This person is responsible for the logistical management of vendor purchases and customer orders, from shipment creation to final delivery, including coordination with vendors, warehouses, shipping, customer service, and sales staff. This person will be a key contributor for our international and domestic shipping strategy including coordinating shipments, assisting suppliers and buyers, working with brokers and freight forwarders to assure continued flow of products.


  • Develop relationships with various logistics partners, carriers and or brokers to ensure availability and lowest rates.
  • Track and report on inbound and outbound shipments.
  • Work directly with “Big Box” Retail for routing setup and compliance.
  • Assist in ERP and CRM system testing for new program implementation and feature enhancements
  • Obtain quotes for multiple types of shipments and identify and solve logistical problems hindering customer satisfaction.
  • Arrange and coordinate transportation and compliance/paperwork for shipments from various domestic and International ports for both Import and Export shipments
  • Work with our global partners to monitor traffic dispatching, order tracking, shipment cost analysis, rate quotations and Import/Export compliance
  • (…)


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience with minimum 5 years work experience in a broad range of Inventory Management, Logistics, Customer Service and related disciplines
  • (…)
  • Experience in “direct to customer” and “direct to retail” logistics processes.
  • Knowledge of International Export/Import documentation requirements including INCOTERMS 2010 and harmonized codes.

While part of this certainly applies to the international logistics included in Import (the cameras are produced in China), the position will also be working on Export details and retail options.
We’ll keep you posted!

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