Apr 28

Lytro Announces First International LightField Photo Contest

Fission - Living Picture by CNF Here’s a little tidbit for Lytro users around the world: Lytro is looking for the best LightField pictures in the world, and will give away a total prize money of 1,500 USD to find them.

Earlier this week, Lytro has announced their first ever international LightField photography contest. In contrast to previous contests and raffles, where only US residents were allowed to participate, the new photo contest is open to anyone aged 18 or older. Continue reading

Jan 04

LightField Picture of the Week: Rainbow

This week’s Picture of the Week was taken by Lytro’s own Eric Cheng, and shows not only an excellent depth image- and depth composition, but also the perfect use of Living Filters.
Have fun exploring the picture, and don’t forget: Click to refocus, click & drag to shift perspective.

Living Picture: “Always photograph rainbows when you see them.” by Eric Cheng

Nov 16

Lytro’s new Living Filters explained

Lytro's new Living Filters explained The biggest news of the day was clearly the impending release of Lytro’s new Perspective Shift feature, but the company has something more in store for us: 9 Living Filters that interactively change the picture depending on your refocus position and perspective.
The new feature marks the first possibility of post processing Living Pictures, and a new way to channel our creativity.

These filters, described (and shown) in more detail after the break, will be available within the Lytro Desktop Software on December 4.

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