Lytro Meltdown: Illum Support in Not Before Spring 2015

Lytro Compatible Viewer: Parallax Shift with processed image stack As many of our readers already know, the Lytro Meltdown contains lots of inside information and series of software tools to explore RAW and processed Lytro pictures. Programmes like the Lytro Compatible Library, Lytro Compatible Viewer and Lytro Compatible Communicator are compatible with the first-generation Lytro camera, but only some features currently work with the Lytro Illum‘s pictures.

Now, author Jan Kučera answers the question when his software will receive Illum compatibility – which unfortunately won’t be in the very near future:

This year has been really busy and exciting for me. I have finished my master studies at Charles University in Prague and moved to UK, where I have started a four year PhD in Digital Civics. In between I managed to publish a paper on Tamil Internet conference and I am also looking to further engage in the development of .NET Micro Framework and .NET Gadgeteer.
When I was finishing my degree, Lytro released the new Illum camera and Lytro Desktop 4.0, which substantially changed file formats of the light field pictures for both Illum and the first generation camera. Unfortunately, the Illum camera is out of my student’s budget, so all I can work with are the pictures provided by other users. This automatically rules out any Illum support for the communicator. However, even the library and viewer requires significant amount of work of redesigning the architecture, supporting JSON schemas, new picture types and implementing an OpenEXR decoder. While this is the plan for next version, due to my first year of studies and other commitments, this isn’t going to happen at least until spring 2015. Thanks everybody for their support and patience.

If you’re looking for more information on these tools while we’re waiting, check out our other articles tagged Lytro Meltdown


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