Pelican Imaging: Bo Ilsoe (Nokia Growth Partners) Joins Board of Directors

Pelican Imaging: Bo Ilsoe (Nokia Growth Partners) Joins Board of Directors (photo: Nokia Growth Partners) Following headlines about Nokia’s 20 Million Dollar investment in Pelican Imaging, and more recently, confirmation of plans to include light field technology into Lumia smartphones, Mountain View based Pelican Imaging has just announced that Bo Ilsoe, member of the Nokia Growth Partners (NGP), will join their board of directors.

Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) Partner Bo Ilsoe has joined the Board of Directors of Pelican Imaging, the inventor of groundbreaking array camera technology for mobile devices.

Mr. Ilsoe has more than two decades of experience in venture capital, investment management, strategic development, sales, and marketing with global technology leaders. He holds a Masters degree in Electronics Engineering.

“The team is very pleased to have Bo’s vision and expertise on the board,” said Pelican Imaging CEO and President Christopher Pickett. “His deep industry knowledge and strategic approach will be valuable contributions to Pelican’s long-term success.”

Mr. Ilsoe added, “As evidenced by Nokia Growth Partners’ recent investment in Pelican Imaging, we have great confidence in their ability to transform the mobile camera market. I’m looking forward to working closely with the board and the executive team to shape Pelican’s growth.”

More information about Ilsoe’s career is available on the NGP website.


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