Lytro Print Ad Concept

If Lytro did print advertising, what would it look like?
Erin McKnight from Philadelphia thought up an interesting advertising campaign concept for the maker of the world’s first consumer LightField camera:

Lytro Print Advertising: a Concept by Erin McKnight Lytro Print Advertising: a Concept by Erin McKnight

McKnight’s focus (pun intended) in this campaign concept lies in the camera’s instant shutter and the non-necessity of autofocus:

Capture the moment, not the moment after.
Finally, a camera that can keep up with your little movers and shakers. No shutter lag means that you can say goodbye to the blur and hello to crystal-clear images (on the first take).

While these are certainly cool features, the pictures can unfortunately still be blurred, depending on shutter speed.

What do you think about the concept?
Do you think Lytro needs to move to print advertising in the near future, or will the current publicity keep sales going?

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  1. jayrbm says:

    This is a pretty cool concept. I think that print advertising is a good move. I’d like to see how one of these looks on a banner, flutter/feather flag or tent/canopy.

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