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Author Topic: Remote Shutter Release, First Generation Lytro

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Remote Shutter Release, First Generation Lytro
on: 2015/07/26 21:34

Anyone have any ideas on a remote (wired or wireless) remote shutter release for the first generation Lytro? I am building a 3-D camera having adjustable (high separation) perspective using two of these cameras. I need to shoot them simultaneously and without camera motion associated with pressing the manual shutter button.

The shutter timer circuit is very inconvenient for the shooting I intend to do. I am looking for better and quicker methods of shooting both cameras simultaneously and without motion.

There are some folks working on WiFi or USB software solutions that would do this as well as offer many other features remotely. These look very good, but require some pretty sophisticated computer skills and/or multiple platforms for two cameras, so I am not sure this is a practical solution for me.

I am looking at a pure hardware solution. My first candidate would be to wire a switch and cable to the shutter release button connection points on the respective circuit board of each camera. Hopefully this could be done with a single multi-contact switch connected to both cameras by separate cables.

I have not disassembled one of these cameras (yet) , but thanks to ewolfy and others, it appears this may be possible (with some risk!).

My thought was to "parallel" the camera switch contacts of both cameras with the individual cable conductors which are connected to the remote switch. Since I don't have a schematic, this would be somewhat risky for sure.

1. Does anyone know the type of shutter switch used in this camera???
2. Does anyone know if it is possible to solder cable conductor wires to the existing switch connections on the circuit board?
3. Would it be possible to access these without removing those pesky-sounding ribbon cables???

From ewolfy's photos, it appears the switch may be a momentary double pole, single throw (DPST) type (having two functions in the camera?), but this is only speculation on my part. If this is correct, it should work to parallel these contacts with an external switch and cable. Since there are two cameras, it would probably be safest to do the same on the second, thus requiring a four pole, single throw switch and four wires in each cable. This may be overkill, perhaps this could be done with a double pole, single throw switch, each pole wired to both cameras.

Other alternatives might be to use a solenoid on each camera to press the shutter, but this might defeat the purpose of a motionless design (especially important at slow shutter speeds).

Any ideas are appreciated!!!!


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