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Author Topic: Opensource alternative to Lytro Desktop.

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Opensource alternative to Lytro Desktop.
on: 2015/01/02 22:15

Hey guys,

I bought the Lytro Camera recently and because I use Linux on all my computers and the Lytro Desktop 3 is quite useless (maybe Desktop 4 is better, but it doesn't start on the only computer where I have dualboot with Windows) I decided to write my own free alternative to the Lytro Desktop.

While trying to find some more technical information about Lytro, I found this wonderful forum. Now I decided to give something back: an application called Lyli.

Currently Lyli can be used to download images from the camera using a GUI or using a simple console application. In the long term I would like to have support for some features present in Lytro Desktop (in particular refocus and the perspective shift) and features not present in Lytro Desktop, such as sharpening tool and curves for color grading. Finally I would like to create an open source web viewer for the images, so one does not have to use the gallery.

Together with the Lyli development I decided to start a blog about Lytro in Linux (it will probably require CAPTCHA because of the stupid free webhosting I use, if anyone knows about good free web hosting with PHP and MySQL, please tell me).

EDIT: updated the link to blog at:

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Re: Opensource alternative to Lytro Desktop.
on: 2015/04/14 00:00

Nice, very nice!!! The world needs more people like you, my friend! Congrats for having the courage to go ahead with this idea and thank you for share it with the rest of us!

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Re: Opensource alternative to Lytro Desktop.
on: 2015/04/23 02:40

Oh joyous day! There's still a lot of work to do, but this is a great start.

I've been meaning to tackle this problem for the same reason: I have a lytro classic and no way to handle it usefully. My problem is the amount of very technical work required to reverse engineer/resolve all the steps. (camera interfacing, demosaic "un-bugeye", flattening, all-in-focus, perspective shift, ...)

Maybe I'll finally get on writing a photo manager that light field can be dropped in to.

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Re: Opensource alternative to Lytro Desktop.
on: 2016/05/25 22:53

Have you considered using code from this to help you with the refocusing and processing features?:

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