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Author Topic: Light field image of optically thin flame

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Light field image of optically thin flame
on: 2014/04/25 01:13

A flame is basically a very thin surface with light emitting soot particles. If we assume a conical shape, a flame is a very thin cone, but if you take a picture of it, you will be detecting light from the front and the back of the flame because the flame itself is so thin that light emitted by the soot particles furthest from the camera will reach your sensor. I would like to image a flame with a light field camera. Do you think it would essentially give me a series of tomographic-like cross sectional cuts?

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Re: Light field image of optically thin flame
on: 2014/04/30 05:37

Hi fraffan,
with the current Lytro software and click-to-refocus interface, a Lytro picture of a flame will most likely result in only one clickable/focal plane that is the closest "surface" of the flame. The same thing is true for reflecting glass panes etc.
However, if there were an interface with a detph slider based on the raw light field data (not the -stk.lfp data, which is processed and compressed), i believe you could move through "tomographic" cross sections, like when you're focusing through a slide in standard (light transmission) microscopy.

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