Apr 26

FocusTwist App: More Software Refocus for your iPhone

FocusTwist App: More Software Refocus for your iPhone (picture: Arqball) Last week, we presented the tap2focus iPhone App that offers Lytro-like refocus capabilities by way of manually recording several photos and combining them into an interactive picture.
Shortly after (but unrelated), Arqball announced the launch of their newest app FocusTwist which also promises this LightField-like feature.

FocusTwist (AppStore Link) FocusTwist (Free)
Arqball (Rated:

There are a few differences between the two apps:

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Apr 21

tap2focus: Interactive Refocus for your iPhone

tap2focus: Interactive Refocus for your iPhone Manufacturers are racing towards creating the first light field enabled smartphone, and the first ones are expected to be released early next year.
If you have an iPhone, you don’t have to wait until then to create pictures with interactive refocus: App developer Caal Studio took the same technological short-cut that MEMS technology uses for image refocus, and merges several images focused at different depths to create a Lytro-like effect.

Their new iOS App tap2focus allows you to take multiple pictures at different focal lengths by tapping on the live camera preview, while holding the iPhone or iPod Touch as stationary as possible.
The app then combines these images into an interactive image, which can be viewed and refocused on the device itself and shared to facebook, twitter or via email.

tap2focus (AppStore Link) tap2focus ($0.99)
Caal Studio Limited (Rated:

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