Feb 26

How big is a Lytro picture?

How big are Lytro’s Lightfield images actually? This question allows for several interpretations, which we will try to answer in the following article:

Sensor- and image resolution

The revolutionary Lightfield Camera by Lytro (Photo: Lytro) The image sensor in a Lytro camera can register 11 million light rays (11 “megarays”) – i.e. a color and luminosity value as well as the direction of the lightray.
A computed lytro picture, at this time, contains 1080 x 1080 pixels (=1.17 megapixels). Depending on software, however, the picture size can theoretically be increased without loss of much quality. Living Pictures that are uploaded to the web are resized and compressed to 540 x 540 pixels, but they can also be viewed in fullscreen mode. Continue reading

Feb 22

When and where can I buy the Lytro Lightfield Camera?

Lytro Lightfield Camera (Photo: Lytro) The new features and possibilities of Lytro’s Lightfield Camera are amazing. But when and where can I buy this first consumer Lightfield camera?

“It’s a global revolution, but we only ship to the US for now“ – that’s the official announcement on Lytro’s Website.
If you have a United States postal address available, you can order your Lytro camera here. The first units will be shipped by the end of the month, and if you order now your camera will be scheduled for shipment in april/may.
International orders are, as of now, not possible, so if you live outside the US (e.g. in Europe), you either have to (1) be very nice to your friends/relatives in the US, or (2) wait a bit longer.

We will keep you posted about international shipping here in the blog!