Oct 30

Living Picture of the Week: Happy Halloween!

Halloween is only two days away – at least in our timezone. :)
It’s time once more to bring out the pumpkins and carving knives, and express your creativity in the design of your Halloween costume. Our newest Living Picture of the Week is of course Halloween-themed, and comes from Lytro camera owner David Brittain:

To get you into the season’s mood, we’ve included a few more picks after the break: Continue reading

Oct 19

Living Picture of the Week: Grape Harvest

Here in the northern hemisphere, autumn is progressing quickly – thick dewdrops cover the grass every morning, leaves are turning red and yellow, and the mountains are covered in fresh snow.
Our (revived) Livnig Picture of the Week fits the autumn theme: Lytro user beauty has nicely captured the wine grape harvest in western Slovenia:

More pictures from the grape harvest: PriMar – beauty

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Jan 11

LightField Picture of the Week: Plasma Globe

You’ve probably come across a plasma globe in the past: It’s a glass orb filled with various noble gases, and a high-voltage electrode in the center. When turned on, it displays moving purple to pink plasma filaments, and if you touch it, they lock on to the position of your fingers and intensify.
Lytro user tip184 has taken an interesting picture of such a plasma lamp with a Lytro camera, and it’s our Living Pic(k) of the Week:

Be sure to try Perspective Shift (click and drag around) with this one!

Living Picture by tip184